Marcos Seferlis: The relationship with Helena Tsavalia was built on solid bases, made by friendly, erotic

‘ Then we fell in love and lived our first years very intensely,” said Markos Seferlis.Marcos Seferlis will be invited to the show Papas with Tasos Jordanidis and will refer to his marriage with Elena Tsavalia and how their relationship began. “Helena and I have been together 22 years. We met in a show and we were both married. After we played together, there was a sympathy. I didn’t want her because she had a strong, piercing voice. I didn’t know what was gonna happen. He had three other proposals that were broken and finally came to work. We started rehearsals, there was sympathy and he laughed at me. We were both at another wedding. We broke up. There was no love between anything. A sympathy. And after we split up we both started hanging out,” Marcos Seferlis said. “This relationship from friendly ended in love. It was built on solid bases. I didn’t see her on the street and said “I say beautiful woman”. Then we fell in love and lived our early years very intensely” Markos Seferlis added. The quote was aired by Happy Day.