Manolis Mitsias: What am I to do the judge to a young child who has dreams?

‘ I have been told to be a judge in a talent show but I don’t go” explains .In his proposals from time to time from a talent show and his long successful route was focused by Manolis Mitsias speaking, at noon on Sunday, on the camera of the show “You still saw nothing” and Eleni Moustakis at MEGA. “I always chose the bhuats, against the folk shops, because with the people I worked with like Gatsos, Hatzidakis, Theodorakis and Moutsis, we did not sing songs that I would say that I would say on a big track and throw the flowers away. They begged me to go but I boldly refused because these people did not write songs for this purpose” the popular artist explained initially. “I was never influenced by the money to go to the people’s shops that were multiple in the day. If I went after the job only for the money, I would not exist today.” “I have been told to be a judge in a talent show but I don’t go. I don’t like to be a judge, what am I to judge a young child who has dreams and wants to fly? Why should I cut off his wings because I happened that day to argue with my wife and was not well?” Manolis Mitsias then clearly added to his new television interview.