Manolis Mavromatis: “We still have a way” says his son about the journalist who was discharged

The news is good for him as he was discharged 45 days after the fire at his home, yet his son is still moderately optimistic… Manolis Mavromatis was discharged on Tuesday (2/2/24) and remains in the ICU of Gennimata hospital. In serious condition remains his wife Rena Rennieri. Speaking for the first time on the “Happy Day” show, Alpha, Manolis Mavrommatis’ son said among others: “We have not completely avoided the danger, so he wants attention, especially for my mother, who should not forget that she is in serious condition. Visitors are strictly allowed and only to first-degree relatives. A lot of blood was given for their surgeries.” “Anybody who is in Attica who wants/can do blood donation for replenishment, is done directly in Gennimata. Except Attica in any hospital. In both cases he mentions my parents’ adjectives who are hospitalized in the birthing meth. We still have a way, so it takes patience and perseverance from everyone,” Michael Mavromatis added.