Manchester City – Jack Greelish: “My mother asks me why they disapprove of me on all courts”

Jack Greelys is high on the list of the most… hated footballers in England, with his transfer to having him put on the fans’ “target” on all courts. Greelys himself replied that he does not know the reason and even stressed that his mother has the same question, but has decided to treat it as positive, after Manchester City games. “I always wonder, why are they making fun of me? And my mother always asks me about it too. On every field I go on, they disapprove of me and I’m not absolutely sure why. I just have to try to take it as a positive or a compliment,” the international English extrem said. His transfer to Manchester City and the fact that he has not fulfilled the expectations that existed for him, neither to Guardiola’s team, nor to the National England, may be one of the reasons for the disapprovals towards his face. You’ve no else to blame Pep. If you sign Jack Greatish this is what you get. Although I’m surprised Guardiola is so publicly mistaken the Englishman, he must truly hate him now. — The Extreme Football Enthusiast (@ExtrameFootbal4) Greelish also seems to be having more fun than he should be off the field, as well as inside, where he often receives his coach’s complaints.