Makeleio in Moscow: Russian authorities videos with suspects being led blindfolded in interrogation

Video of Russian authorities shows the moment the suspects on her are led blindfolded, at the headquarters of the Russian Investigation Committee, for questioning. Men of the Russian forces dressed in military uniforms, keep those arrested for the Moscow massacre as they exit a van. The Russians, as shown in the footage, pull out of a van at least three men with blindfolded eyes and hands and lead them to the halls of the building. Two of the men are seen with their heads pressed against a wall and their hands handcuffed. Separate material shows the arsenal left behind by gunmen who organized the bloodbath at Crocus City Hall, with at least 137 dead. Officers said they found a large volume of ammunition, more than 500 bullets and 28 mags at the scene of the massacre. The attack – which occurred in Krasnogorsk, on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday night (22.03.2024) – is the deadliest in Russia in recent years. Terrorists arrived at the concert hall in a white van without insignia before entering the hall, around 8 p.m. The Russians even released a video of the arrest of one of the suspects who sees himself shaking while answering the questions they ask him. Moscow attucker questioning: Full transcript. He claims that he arrived from Turkey on March 4. – What did you do at Crocus? – Shot them. – Whom? By who did instructions? – Of people. – For what? – For money. – For how much money? – About half a million. – Half a million of… — Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) Shots were initially fired against those who were waiting in the foyer, before the killers headed for the hall. After shooting the viewers, terrorists set fire to the building, causing the roof to collapse. The responsibility for the massacre was taken over by the Islamic State.