Makeleio in Moscow: Putin lit a candle in memory of the dead – Messistes the flags

The flags in Russia, which holds a day of national mourning, wave after the massacre on Friday night (22/02/2024), by lighting a candle in memory of the dead. President Vladimir Putin declared March 24 a day of national mourning and promised to find and locate all those responsible for the Moscow massacre that caused the death of 137 people and the injury of 180 others. More than 100 people remain in the hospital, some of whom in serious condition. Putin lit a candle in a church at his residence outside Moscow today as a tribute to the dead, his spokesman told the Interfax news agency. The Islamic State took responsibility for the attack, but Putin did not refer to the fact that the jihadist organization was associated with the perpetrators, for whom he said they attempted to escape to Ukraine. Citizens leave flowers at Crocus City Hall, the concert hall with a capacity of 6,200 seats outside Moscow, where four gunmen invaded shortly before the rock band Picnic interpreted the success of “Afraid of Nothing”. The Russians formed long lines in Moscow to offer blood. Today, blood banks have announced that they now have sufficient supplies for four to six months. At the same time, authorities continue investigations into the wreckage of the building where the concert hall was housed, which was destroyed by a huge fire, put by the perpetrators. As announced by the authorities, police officers found an additional 500 bullets, two Kalachnikov assault rifles and 28 mags at the scene of the tragedy, specifying that they belong to “the perpetrators”. The Research Committee also released a video of police officers with their faces covered leading the four alleged perpetrators to the seat of this body, arrested yesterday. Men have their eyes covered and are forced to walk down, with their hands tied to the back. Researchers are expected to ask a court for temporary detention of suspects. However, no other information has been given in relation to the fate of 7 other people, whose arrest was announced yesterday and whose role in the attack has not yet been clarified. The Research Committee has not referred to taking responsibility by the Islamic State terrorist organisation. But she also made no mention in her announcements about Ukraine today.

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