“Magic” battery that lasts forever, discovered by accident [video]

    Researchers at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) used gold and various other more exotic materials to…
    build a battery νανοκαλωδίων that maintains the efficiency after hundreds of thousands of charge cycles.
    The comparisons with the conventional lithium-ion batteries are useless. The best, however, is that the invention of the battery that promises to change the future of energy storage by mistake.
    The rechargeable lithium batteries have decreasing efficiency after a few hundred charges. We see it in smart phones from a point and then you have to charge on a daily basis.
    The new battery is based on a sophisticated νανοκαλωδίωση were subjected to tests for three whole months. Compared with the 5,000, as 7,000 charge cycles that can withstand the lithium batteries before they go for recycling, the battery νανοκαλωδίων charged 200,000 times within three months without losing its efficiency and without damage to the wiring.
    For a long time, researchers, engineers around the world are struggling to integrate νανοκαλώδια in conventional batteries without to achieve due to the fragile nature of the wire.
    The team of the UCI constructed a specially protected νανοκαλώδια, with a thin core of gold surrounded by successive layers of manganese dioxide and the electrolyte used is a gel-like cast acrylic material (plexiglass).
    The head of the team, chemist, UCI, Reginald Penner called it a “crazy” innovation commenting on the efficiency compared with the conventional means of energy storage.
    The covered electrode provides the necessary flexibility along with durability and retention of shape.
    The discovery was made accidentally when a researcher, A Le Tai was experimenting with various materials, covered with the gel the nanowire and began to charge it. Then found that he could do it thousands of times without losing efficiency.
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