Madame Web: Dakota Johnson’s new film Commercial Failure

“H, quoted in his new spin-off film titled Madame Web, which was the ultimate commercial failure. The new Madame Web, which is part of Spider Man universe, seems not to have been much liked by Marvel fans. The protagonist, Dakota Johnson in a recent interview at Bustle, said she was not interested in taking part in another similar production again. “I had never done anything like this before,” said the famous protagonist. “I guess I’ll never do anything like this again because I don’t make sense in this world. And I know now. But sometimes in this industry you sign something and it’s one thing and then as you do, it becomes a completely different thing, and you say: “Wait, what happened?” But it was a real learning experience and of course it’s not nice to be part of something that is “slicing” but I can’t say I don’t understand it,” he said. Sony’s last attempt experienced failure by scoring very low ticket sales and receiving negative reviews. The film has only contributed $91 million worldwide with an estimated production budget of $80 million. According to sources, company executives are in a dire position, as they wreck their plans for possible sequels and spin-offs. However they hope their next partnership with Marvel in the film “Kraven the Hunter” with Aaron Taylor-Johnson which will be released on August 30 will do better. Dakota Johnson also starring in the drama film “Daddio” with Sean Penn while starting filming for Celine Song’s new film, “The Materialists”, says Guardian.