Lucia Papadakis: I divorced very peacefully, I never want the conflicts against it

‘ My separations had an audience, the end”, confessed . In the show All about our lives Vita with Michael Kefalogianni was hosted by Lucia Papadakis and referred to her divorces and the common feature they had. “Any separation even consensual is a loss. My separations had one thing in common, the end. There’s no going back. To get to this point they have cut short what made him to be at first with this man. We’re really good at joys, tough things are character. I broke up very peacefully on my part. I never want the conflicts in this regard. There’s no reason to clash over something that’s everyone’s right. To want or not to. I hate this thing,” Lucia Papadakis originally said. “People have a very easy tendency to familiarize other people and privatise them. He had a hard time deciding, which means I don’t accept you. That it takes two to break up, I don’t believe it anymore. What can be burdened is our wrong choice, not the responsibility of what the other one is. The responsibility of our choice is upon us. It’s not my fault. For our chosen behavior, yes we are to blame,” continued Lucia Papadakis.