Loverdos: “Democrats” are a centre party and are addressed to voters of PASOK and ND

He appeared optimistic that the “Democracy”, the party he founded a few days ago, would exceed 3% in and claim a seat for the new European Parliament. At a press conference for the presentation of the party for the European elections, Andreas Loverdos said, among other things, that the response from all over Greece to his initiative is important and there are already core supporters everywhere. He made it clear that he will be a candidate in the European elections and that the ballot of the “Republicans” will include some former MPs and government officials from PASOK while he announced that two polling centers are to operate in Athens and Thessaloniki. Andreas Loverdos stressed that “Democracy” is a purely centre party and is addressed to voters of both the NW and PASOK, for which he stressed that “he is leaving the Centre’s premises” to the Left. He added that in the event of his election he would join the Liberal Group (Renew) in the European Parliament. He announced that on 20 March he will announce the party secretary and on 26 the representative, who will probably be a woman, both “fresh faces” as he said. Answering a question about the recent statement by former Minister of Justice on Syriza, Stavros Kontoni, on the prosecution of political persons in the case of Novartis, Mr. Loverdos stressed: “A simple apology is not enough (ed. meaning Alexis Tsipras). The case will close when the hoods come out and the hoods will be revealed.” In his introductory statement, Andreas Loverdos said that today there is widespread insecurity, despite the fact that some positive things have been done in recent years, and that “Democracy” combine patriotism with reformist policies and popularity. “Our fight in the European Parliament will be for a Union accessible, fair, effective. We will fight for Turkey to withdraw casus belli. It is not a country that wants to join the European Union to threaten a member of it by war. And even the government underestimated Freddy Belley’s case. Albania’s progress towards the EU must be suspended,” Mr Loverdos argued. “The “Democracy” will fight for the implementation of the Constitution. All of the Constitution. Which, as we know, imposes the protection of the homeland, the nation, the people. We forget that. I repeat, we will not give patriotism to fascists and extremes,” he said while promising that he will support “what the government is doing positively. But we will criticize or even denounce all the negatives. As we did in the draft law on non-state non-profit universities.”