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(Title) 1000 Padlock put kiosks in the last eight months in Greece because of the many taxes on cigarettes. This is the conclusion a formal investigation by the Ministry of Finance, which resulted from the processing of applications submitted to inactivity in the Tax Offices. Ie 6.6% of the total stands lowered shutters and small tradesmen were forced to stop work because of new taxes on cigarettes, which had the effect of reducing their profits.

It is worth noting that 60% of the profits came from a kiosk selling of tobacco products.
The “wave” sweeping padlocks kiosks cause tsunamis in the market, since each booth is open accounts with suppliers.
Factors of market view that the fez left behind by the peripterouchoi exceed seven million others to raise over 10 million.
According to the Federation of Professional Tenant stands and tobacco retail stores in Greece, the total number of stands stood at 15,000 in late 2009.
The Federation believes that unless a change for the positive taxation of cigarettes, does not preclude the spring of 2011 have put a padlock 30% of stands representing 4,000.
The president of the Federation Mr. John Plakopoules argues that the political leadership of the ministry must change radically the taxation on cigarettes if you want to collect revenue, it would otherwise be forced to seek other sources.

Nikos Theodoropoulos

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