Live: The Prime Minister’s sophomore in Parliament

Full attack on Syriza on the occasion of what Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in his speech. “Well done with your problems, Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Socrates Famelos”, referring to what has emerged with Stefanos Kasselakis’s pothes. “For the personal characterizations against me reproduced by Syriza Mr. Famele your own problems for your leader’s background you will not hide them behind personal attacks, they have been searching many times for my posterior powers, well done for your problems. Because you spoke again about the issues of the rule of law and the authoritarian person presented by the government I cannot help but respond by recalling two statements about the doings of your own days: at the Maximos Palace a paracentre of justice was set up said by the Minister of Justice for your days, Mr. Kouloglou said it was a political decision to enter the chair Pikremos etc. I have to come back to these issues to refresh your memory of your works and your days since you are cut off for the issues of the rule of law,” the Prime Minister stressed. See the Prime Minister’s sophomore