Livadia: Train Line Athens – Thessaloniki stopped at the station due to fire

IC54 (Athens – Thessaloniki) under orders from OSE and Fire Department, was immobilized earlier today at noon (29.03.2024) on the S.S. , due to a fire that broke out near the tracks. The 54 Intercity train running the Athens – Thessaloniki route needs to remain at the Livadia station due to the fire. The Fire Department was immediately notified and managed to limit the extent of the fire, however the train had to be immobilized at the city railway station. As reported by Hellenic Train, OSE and Fire Department gave the relevant order to park the train at the station while a delay is expected on the route. The train IC54 (Athens – Thessaloniki) under the command of the OSE and Fire Department, remains stationed in S.S. Livadia, due to a fire near the tracks. Delay expected. — Hellenic Train (@HellenicTrain) According to the Fire Department, the fire broke out on rural land and five firemen were found at the site with two vehicles.