Life in Rula Pispirigu and the lies that burned her

In life imprisonment for attempted manslaughter and Georgina’s eldest daughter was sentenced or by the Mixed Jury Court, today Friday (29.03.24). Rula Pispirigu who was unanimously found guilty by the Mixed Jury Court for the homicide and attempted murder of little Georgina, heard the court’s decision cold and unexplained with her gaze pinned towards the seat, while at the same time her sister, Demitra had her head lowered. The president informed the defendant that she has the right to appeal, with Rula Pispirigo answering that she has already exercised. At the same time, the court decided to reject the request to transmit practice to the prosecutors of Athens for the offence of lying testimony for Manos Daskalakis and the doctors who filed in the case, adopting the relevant prosecutor’s proposal. Lies Many times during the trial Rula Pispiringu had argued that she hates lying. But when the congressman caught her lying three times, she would admit it by saying: – And who doesn’t lie? The whole world is lying! – But you blame doctors for lying. So who’s telling the truth and who’s lying? – The court will decide… The prosecutor in her 11-hour speech had told her that it was respectable for the defendant to lie to defend herself, but if anything, it was impressive that she was describing in detail what she went through at GADA, but she had a weak memory every time she was asked something about either Georgina or Malena’s hospital. “For many years have passed and I don’t remember exactly that time in my riot if Malena had the (sign) there. If he had it an hour ago. Or if they did after,” Rula Pispiringu said. The time of Iris’ death and the presence of Georgina Patient seems to have had the condemned, now, accused of the time of Iris’ death, despite the fact that in her posts she was talking about dawn. Confusion prevails in whether Georgina was in front or not of the infant’s death. “Here in the hall it was said that Georgina saw Iris dead in the crib and that she was shocked. None of this is true. He was in another room, didn’t see her in the crib at all. She neither woke up and saw it dead nor saw it and screamed,” Rula Pispiringu said in her apology. The claim about Malena According to the indictment, every time Manos Daskalakis left the house, a child died. The denial came from him as he revealed that two days before she died Malena had told Pispirigo that she should leave and return to Patras. “Roula had to stay with Malena in Athens for at least two years. I told her I had to go back to Patra to work. This discussion took place 2-3 days before the child’s death,” Manos Daskalakis said. The non-existent… fighting Both Roula Pispiringu and Manos Daskalakis declared in front of the cameras that there were no extreme arguments. In the end, Pispiringu withdrew it by saying that not only was it not just a fight, but that Daskalakis ordained it, which he admitted. “When he realized that the incident was taking place in front of Georgina, he put me in our bedroom and started slapping my face. It wasn’t the first time she was violent against me,” Rula Pispirigu said. Suicide attempts Their fights seem to have been so extreme that there were no missing and attempted suicides or at least warnings of attempted suicide. What if Manos only remembered one attempt by Roula when she lost her grandmother? What if her sister ruled it out as a possibility? The messages between them but revealed. Manos: “If you want suicide. You’re not going to make us all go… like this. You’ve done this twice before. I’m not afraid of you.” Demeter: “I talked to Mano and he’d better get it for you. Pick it up and then kill yourself.” The obsession with cancer The posts of the 33-year-old cancer patient were common. But 2017 will say that she too is suffering from cancer and will seek advice from facebook users. And she may have listed a cancer patient on Facebook, but that information, she didn’t share it with the doctors or her sister. Calls with a closed nose Her three children were dead. Everyone was looking for the cause of death and she was calling with a closed nose to a journalist to put Manos Daskalaki in the frame of suspects. – Look for Mr. Daskalaki who lives and you will find the reason Georgina died. – You know Mrs. Pispiringu? – No, no, no, no. – You’ve never seen Mrs. Pispiringu in person? – No, huh? I’ll call you back in a minute. While in court he argued: But yesterday you told me we’re not trying papers, and now you’re asking me about reports… I’m not telling you… did you lie or did you lie to the reporter? – Lies! All misdemeanors in front of the torture question what is the truth behind the deaths of the three children in Patras with the court eventually declaring her unanimously guilty of killing the first child with the trial of the other two in progress.