Lessons of humanity: They made piggy banks for the… fire victims – See how many they picked up

    Lessons of humanity gives in the last few days the society of Ierapetra out…
    in front of the problem that has occurred in 107 families who saw their lifetime efforts to become “ash” from the fire that broke out at the end of April.
    The time that the application to declared areas Myrtos and East πυρόπληκκτες have… plunged in the Greek bureaucracy, the society of Ierapetra, with a great sense of solidarity it gives daily money from their savings to assist those who are in need.
    The piggy banks
    Two days after the great fire that destroyed thousands of acres in areas of Myrtos and East of Ierapetra, the municipal authority has decided to organize the creation of a three-member committee of solidarity for those affected.
    The committee was attended by representatives of the municipality Ierapetra, of ΤΟΕΒ, the Church, the Single Agricultural Association, the Samaritans and the two presidents of the local communities (of Myrtos and in the East).
    “This commission was addressed to entrepreneurs, individuals, services, tax consultants etc in order to raise money to be donated to families affected by the catastrophic fire,” he pointed out speaking at the cretapost, the deputy mayor Civil Protection of Ierapetra, Argirios Pantazis.
    Immediately were set up piggy banks in various parts of the city with the Ιεραπετρίτες to rush to put everything they could from their savings.

    Gathered over 24,000 euros
    Over 24,000 euros have been collected so far from the Ιεραπετρίτες with the action that goes on and on.
    “Many were those who rushed to put money in the piggy banks. At the same time enterprises and institutions put large sums of money as the ΤΟΕΒ and the Church. The first money raised was 5.290 euro and the Great Friday were given to 13 families. The struggle continued, and at this time have gathered 19.270 euro, which on Monday will be distributed to 36 families through the fund of ΤΟΕΒ”, underlined mr. Pantazis.

    Everything is done transparently
    A big deal was the three-member commission to ensure transparency and to avoid any questions about whether this money actually went to people who are in need.
    “For us it was a difficult task to ensure the existence of us and the money actually goes to those who are in need. That is why we put it under the OSCE, which has satellites, and show the evidence of the crop – if they are damaged or not – in real-time. From there, you can determine if a crop is totally destroyed, or part of it,” said mr Pantazis.

    Next action is a great concert
    The effort for the fundraising does not stop here. 24,000 euro was only the beginning.
    Apart from the piggy banks that continue to exist in various parts of Ierapetra, the three-member commission of solidarity is preparing a big concert with cretan artists, the proceeds of which will be made available to those affected.

    In the hands of the ministry of the application
    In the hands of the ministry is from last Wednesday the dossier that has been prepared by the municipality of Ierapetra and the Region of Crete in order to declare the two areas of Myrtos and East fire.
    “You have done the measurements on the affected areas and the dossier has been drawn up. The Region of Crete, sent to the ministry last Wednesday. Now we wait,” said on mr. Pantazis.