Lena Drosaki: Her new everyday life after the divorce – “I had kept me long behind, but I found me again”

About her new daily life after Alexander Bourdoumis spoke among others her interview with the Real life newspaper. Lena Drosaki referred to her daily life with her child and work after her divorce from the well-known actor, stressing that she enjoys making time for herself. More specifically, the interview is as follows: Did you ever press for perfectionism? Yeah. I couldn’t escape the phobia of being good, being beautiful, being groomed, proving I was worth it. I’m over it now. I don’t care what it looks like. Taking a place in things is always good for you? Of course not, but I can’t live any other way. We must be fair enough to move our society on the right path. We’re raising children. I was before the kid like this, just with my kid he was very intense. I used to be drowning in the law, but waiting for the right time to react. Now I won’t allow it. What else has your son changed in your life? It’s changed my being. Everything has changed. There’s nothing left. I hear you talking about him and you’re melting. Yeah, I’m melting for my son. I never thought I’d love that way. I, thank God, have loved and loved. I’m grateful for the therapy I’ve done, which I can accept and endure and feel such love. You can’t stand happiness if you’re not ready. We have learned to withstand pain, abuse. Working with myself helped me make room for myself to endure love. How’s your everyday life? Easy is not because we have to do too much in one day. But, I’m calm, I enjoy my everyday life with all the difficulties. I try to find joy and pleasure through everyday moments, so I don’t have nagging and misery. After the divorce, how do you manage with work and the child? I’m so lucky to have my mother and dad. It is a blessing that they help me raise their grandchild and that the child takes love from more resources. At noon, when he woke up, he said “I’m going to play with my grandmother”. That’s wealth. It thrills me to see my dad and my mom play like three-year-olds on the rug with Resurrection. I can get out easier knowing they’re taking care of him. Like my brother, who has an excellent relationship with him. This family warmth thrills me. To me, the family is sacred. My parents, in spite of their difficulties, were meant to love. That’s what I dream. I want Resurrection to see what love is like. Do you do things for yourself? I’m very proud to be trying to have time for myself and I can handle it. I had kept me long enough behind, but I found me again. I’ll go out with friends, eat out alone. Do you enjoy loneliness? I enjoy loneliness, especially now that I have people in the house. Some time ago, my parents and my brother and Anastasia went to Patras for a few days. I didn’t know what to do in the house alone, it was weird. Although without Resurrection the house is empty, I enjoyed this peace.