Larissa: Deliveras broke out with three words for not getting a tip

The photo from her becomes viral. He was annoyed because he didn’t get a tip and wanted to show it to the tenants of the apartment building… The delivery man became as he seems furious at an apartment building in Larissa. Because the customers didn’t tip him. He delivered the order, but before leaving he made sure to show his intense annoyance, which becomes viral. His message stayed on the board of publicists, with the relative image traveling within social media. He didn’t hide the mess of the delivery guy in Larissa and having delivered an order as it seems without receiving a tip he pulled out a pen and expressed what he wanted with three words: “Give tips gyps” noted in shared apartment entrance causing tenants to wonder who was the recipient of the message. The image published by the, began to travel online, with the tenants of the apartment building discussing and trying to reach out to who the delivery man was and which store he had come from.