Larissa: Complain about the commitment of reserves, the employees of the Hospital

A communication adopted by the Union of Workers of the University Hospital of Larissa on the occasion of the decision of the government to take the reserves of the Hospital…
Specifically, the notice reads as follows: “Unfortunately, yet again we are in the same project viewers. History repeats itself”.
PGNL NAKOS”in 2012, The government asks the reserve of Public Organizations and Hospitals, finally a little later, exclude from the transfer process of the reserve.
Now another Government, again, as set out in the urgent message of the Ministry of Health of 21 April (the specific date
time refers to other seasons), calls for the placing of the Bank of Greece reserve requirements of the Hospital.
In a difficult economic climate, more and more patients are resorting to the National Health System to receive services
care, the Government wants to put a hand in the reserves of the Hospital, which today is not even be sufficient to cover the
elementary needs.
These funds are available to cover basic needs, such as payment of accrued debts and suppliers, purchase of materials, medicines etc. It has still not been credited to our colleagues, beneficiaries, who have worked, not a single euro from the overtime of 2015. Still have not been paid the last year’s cut to shreds by about 30% for each month, night and εξαιρέσιμα. It has still not been credited to the accounts of beneficiaries of our colleagues for the year accrued
. The reason is obvious!
With the minimum reserves, Hospitals and other Organisations the Government tries to cover other government spending.
Our Association expresses its deep concern and anguish, and calls on the Government to withdraw the circular”.