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Large quantities of food, easter dishes and groceries went to the vulnerable of our fellow citizens for the Holy Days of Easter

A multitude of coordinated social actions implemented by the Municipality of Maroussi for the support and relief of the vulnerable of our fellow citizens for the Holy Days of Easter. Through the Social Service provided throughout the duration of holy Week large amounts of food, easter food, groceries and personal hygiene, and general household cleaning.
In particular:
Successfully held the 5th distribution of tens of tonnes of fruit and vegetable products, under the coordination of the Mayor of Amaroussion, President of KEDE mr. George Πατούλη the partners Municipalities of the partnership’s North Field, “Amalthea”, with lead partner the Municipality of Amaroussion.
In the open space near the Los. Avenue, in the presence of the President of the ΟΚΟΙΠΑΔΑ ms Eleni Lekka, distributed 22 tons of oranges, the partners Municipalities of the partnership ( Maroussi, athens, Likovrisi –Pefki, Penteli, Filothei – Psychiko, of Metamorphosis), while with 900 k.g oranges reinforced the Smile of the Child. The delivery of the product was implemented in the framework of implementation of additional measures of support of producers of fruit and vegetable products.
The Municipality of Amaroussion has distributed 4 tons of oranges received in the 683 families who belong to vulnerable social groups, the beneficiaries of the Food Programme FEAD Maroussi, as well as holders of the card feeding.
At the same time, in 30 families offered an easter festive basket, in the framework of cooperation of the Municipality of Amaroussion.K.The. “WE can”, by the branch A.B. Vassilopoulos Tucson.
Also, 309 families beneficiaries of the Food Programme FEAD Tucson received groceries, while 200 families beneficiaries of Social Grocery Maroussi also received groceries and personal hygiene, which is available consistently each month, and easter treats and gifts.
In addition, the Municipality of Maroussi offered 50 lambs in families that were not able to purchase the paschal lamb to be grilled, as well as the foundation “ΗΠΙΟΝΗ”.
The Mayor of Amaroussion mr Giorgos Patoulis referring to the safety net that has spread to the city for the support of vulnerable fellow citizens underlined:
“We are firmly on the side of our fellow citizens who need our support. The actions of humanity, solidarity and dignity for all our fellow citizens who have been victims of the economic crisis are enhanced constantly with new amenities to them through the social structures and services. No one in our town will not feel alone and helpless. I personally thank all of you for the generous offer, so that every house in our town to run rich easter table.”

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