Lamia: Mother of two children wore a jacket full of heroin

A 40-year-old mother of two was arrested within her trying to pass a total gross weight of 170 grams. The drugs were packed in 87 improvised bags sewn into the lining of a jacket. The heroin in the jacket was intended for the prisoner for life in Domoko prison, a companion of the 40-year-old mother. In her apology she argued that she did not know about the existence of drugs, which she had diligently hidden an unknown third accomplice who handed her the backpack in clothes to carry it to the 37-year-old, sentenced to life for homicide, her partner during the visit. The prosecutor suggested that the defendant be guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. The court found the 40-year-old guilty, recognizing her, however, in extenuatingly and sentenced her to three years in prison with a three-year suspension. An appeal was brought against the decision. According to Law 4139/2013 ‘On dependent substances’ means the introduction of drugs within prisons is punishable by imprisonment of at least 10 years.