Lamia – AEK: Normally with fans the Super League premiere game

The “objects” that existed were passed and the – for the premiere of this year’s Super League playoffs will take place with people at the “DAK Lamia” stands. By today’s announcement (07.03.2024) PAE Lamia put an end to fame, which wanted the match against AEK to be done behind closed doors. The team of Fthiotida made sure to complete in time the installation of the cameras, as provided by law, even informing its fans of their operation. Thus, the IAK Lamia fulfils the conditions laid down by the government with its new measures to eliminate fan violence, with the team of Fthiotida informing about the availability of tickets for the match against AEK. The announcement: “PAE Lamia informs fans about the tickets to the match with AEK for the 1st competition of Stoiximan Super League Playoffs, Sunday, March 10, 2024, at 17:00 at the IAK “Athanasios Diakos”. We stress that all those coming to the stadium must have their identity or passport or any other identification. The law obliges all to control and any refusal excludes entry into the stadium. With the new strict legal framework, any fan who doesn’t have a nominal ticket can’t just enter the stadium, but is also fined 500 euros by the Police. In the control of identity in case a fan is found with a ticket to another name, both the holder and the beneficiary will be fined 10 times the value of each ticket, a penalty will be imposed for exclusion from the stadiums, while FC will be punished by closing the door where the infringement took place. Every smoke, flare, firecracker, bottle, every object that can fall into the field means closing the field! The penalties are administrative and are now coming directly from the state. Plus any additional ones arising from the disciplinary bodies. Warning: The stadium doors will be opened at 3 p.m. and due to the strict controls to be carried out, the fans of this competition’s tickets will be invited to arrive in time to avoid crowding, suffering and delaying their access to the stands, thus contributing to normality. Together we must adapt and protect our team and our stadium. Warning: The stadium will now operate high-definition electronic monitoring systems with a view to overall supervision of the sports facilities and persons on it during the course of the games. ‘