Lakis Lazopoulos: The thrill for his wife, the invitation to New

“Driver” in an all-matter interview he granted to Eleonora Study. He spoke about Katerina Neos, George Liaga, about threats and did not hide his emotion when the conversation reached his late wife. When a few days ago Lakis Lazopoulos had commented on the beef between Katerina Neos and Danai Barka on the occasion of her kisses with Philip Tsagridis, it had been a mess. Lakis Lazopoulos re-invited Alpha’s host to go to his podcast. “I’ve called her to tell her myself and she can tell me whatever she wants. I like her. But this has nothing to do with what we see on TV.” For George Liaga, Lakis Lazopoulos replied: “I wouldn’t invite him to my podcast, I don’t care. He has invited me himself, but I don’t want to, I don’t care,” he said. Referring to his historical opposition to Alexis Kougia, Lakis Lazopoulos said: “I have to accept that Mr. Kuyas is much taller and I wish, I wish everything. To live like the high mountains. I don’t know. I don’t even care about this. It’s one thing you say.” It is, also mentioned, another thing about commentary and satire and another thing about giving birth to something of your imagination. “I am a lawyer of myself, I know exactly what I say and what I write. I comment on something that has been said publicly and officially, nothing is of my imagination. “ I get comments all day. I’ve only filed one lawsuit against the man who came and hit me from behind. It’s very cowardly to hit a man from behind. Let everyone say what they want, but I’ll say what I want. I claim the right, which some already have for 3 hours a day on television.” The thrill for his wife “You always miss a company and a man you love,” said Lakis Lazopoulos referring to the death of his wife, while revealing that he is no longer afraid of death. “And if I had regretted not giving my wife the love she asked for, there was nothing more I could do. I’m not easily moved, I’m only moved by the loss of my wife. Memories are like closed rivers and memories overwhelm you and… wet,” he said. Political correct and “severe” Lakis Lazopoulos said he would not return to television because the existing conditions do not allow it. “Political correct is not the death of humor and comedy. There are many people, unspeakable and cold-blooded, who want to impose their unscrupulousness and “severe” status. This is not going to pass. I knew what to say and when to apologize, No one will tell me when to apologize. There are people on TV who think they’re going for popes and tell us who should apologize. Perseverance is a dominant element of satire. Some people think that because they talk on TV, they have “the gun to shoot”. I remember one day I was asked in Eleftherotypia about Alice Vougiouklaki. I say “I think she is the national sleeper,” meaning she has created a fairy tale and with it the world falls asleep. ‘Are you all right, son? You went and called me a national sleeper?” she said. “That’s what I think about you”, I told her and she said “Why don’t you tell me first, that I’m your friend.” I didn’t get it back. I’m not changing my mind by shaking hands. I’m telling the truth in public. I’ve been marked with a gun, they could have killed me. I’m afraid, but I won’t stop because my life is threatened. I’m not going to do buttholes, what should I say? “I didn’t say them, I’m sorry?” I can’t do clowns and I won’t be like them. In the morning shops don’t they count their own nonsense?” he said. Continuing, Lakis Lazopoulos pointed out that his opinion on journalists is the worst and was placed against George Dalara with reporters. “George Dalaras does not go to me as a human being, but is right. What makes sense to be “raped” after you say “no”? What are you gonna do at that time? I’m playing @@, playing unconscious. I say emphaticly ‘I don’t want to talk’. Referring to the performance “When I Died” at the Wembo Theatre, he revealed that the play is based on a recurring dream he had as a kid. “Small I could see in my sleep that I was dying, they were taking me to the cemetery. I could see my family’s distress, I couldn’t bear it. In the church I flew up, grabbed the priest’s microphone and made a show. My secret desire was to make people laugh, it came out in the dream.”