Ladies’ Paradise – next episodes: Miranda falls into Stella’s trap and has an accident.

The developments in the series “are devastating. ” What we will see in the next episodes broadcast from Tuesday, April 2, 2024 to Friday, April 5, 2024, at 20:00. Simos tries to manage as well as he can Amalia, but Dorothea tries to do everything in her power to get him away from her… Ladies’ Paradise: Tuesday, April 2nd, episode 119 Amalia reaches the limits of nervous breakdown after a revelation Christopher will give her… The storming of the bad events of the last few days will lead her somewhere that feels safe… Miranda falls into Stella’s trap and has an accident… Simos tries to manage as well as he can Amalia, but Dorothea tries to do everything in her power to get him away from her… The D.A.’s movements are not what Dinos, Light and Byron expected, and that’s what makes them nervous and concerned. Thomas is faced with a dilemma. Will he listen to his heart or reason? Ladies’ Paradise: Wednesday, April 3, episode 120 Simos, searching for Amalia, decides to visit Dino, at his home. Amalia’s hiding in the bedroom, and Dinos is trying to hide his trouble so she doesn’t understand them. The Savior and Milonis reveal to Christopher that Victoria has an affair with Demosthenes… He, once again furious with her, asks her to leave the house and take Stella with her. When Amalia finds out Miranda had a minor accident and is in the hospital, she runs right near her. Once Dinos finds out that Amalia is there, he goes to find her… except a little further back, in the same hallway, and Simos… Ladies’ Paradise: Thursday, April 4, episode 121 An unexpected visit will upset everyone at the pastry shop and especially Syrmo. But the outcome of this visit is not expected by either of them. Zacharula is facing a huge dilemma. She will be invited to choose between her family and Byron… Simos is troubled by the movements of Dinos and Amalia and tries to find out what is going on. Christopher is under a lot of pressure from Victoria who is trying to handle him and make him feel guilty about what he did to Miranda, but his real problem is created by Giannopoulos. Olga is one step before she makes a very big decision about her life. Ladies’ Paradise: Friday, April 5, episode 122 Victoria is ready to leave the Burada house not only because Christopher asked her, but to avoid arresting the warrant expected to be issued against her on charges of killing her sister eleven years ago. Will Demosthenes manage to delay his colleagues from catching Victoria before he disappears? Christopher’s order to Victoria and Stella to leave his home returns to him as a boomerang as the two women are determined to avenge him with a well-established plan… Starring: Argiris Pantazaras, Theodora Jimou, Lazaros Georgakopoulos, Evangelia Syriopoulou, Dimitris Gotsopoulos, Christos Plainis, Vangelis Alexandris, Natasa Exidavelonis, Nikos Lekakis, Giannis Dalianis, Alexandra Pantelakis, Giorgos Noissis. In the role of Olga Kingdom Gogo Brebu. Participants: Irini Drakos, Michalis Titopoulos, Giouli Tsagaraki, Giannis Vasilotos, Syrmo Keke, Michalis Panadis, Despina Tsoutsou, Katerina Savrani, Manos Kazamias, Kali Davri, Eleni Sakka, Giannis Askaroglu, Agisilaos Mikelatos, Jenny Kazakou, Anthi Savvakis, Sotiris Takhtsoglou, Elena Megreli, Irini Valatsou, Vassilis Vounos, Megi Souli, George Zygouris, Konstantinos Arnokouros, Katerina Dionysopoulou, Marilia Mitrosi. Screenplay adaptation: Dimitra Cholka. Screenplay group: Georgia Mavroydakis, Lambrini Skreka, Marialena Rosaki, Antonis Haimalidis. Directed by Giannis Vasiliadis, Stamatis Patronis, Georgia Zisi. Production organisation: Thodoris Kondos. Production: JK PRODUCTIONS S.A. Giannis Karayannis “Ladies’ Paradise” is based on the huge Italian television success “IL PARADISO DELLE SIGNORE” by Rai Fiction Aurora Tv.

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