Labour accident in Chalkida: The crew officer in the shipyards was arrested.

It cost a 42-year-old who worked on a ship in the shipyards. In shock, the eyewitnesses of the tragedy… In the capture of a 44-year-old ship repair crew, the port authority in Chalkida, following the fatal injury of a 42-year-old worker during work on a passenger ferry, flag of Cyprus, who was at the premises of the Chalkida Shipyards. At the point where the tragic incident occurred, officials from the port and stairway of the Fire Department rushed to the General Hospital of Chalkida, where his death was found. The pre-trial investigation has been undertaken by the Central Port Authority of Chalkida while the ship’s departures were prohibited until a certificate was provided by the classification officer who monitors it. The body of the 42-year-old is to be transferred to the Medical Laboratory of the University of Athens to perform an autopsy – an autopsy.