KYKNOS: Increase in turnover by 21.52% and exports by 45%

By 21.52%, the turnover of KYKNOS S.A. increased, from the beginning of July 2022 to the end of June 2023, reaching 36.29m euros compared to 29.86m euros in the immediately preceding year, based on the company’s latest financial statements registered at GEMIS. According to the management of the canning company: “It is notable that despite the intense inflationary environment and reduced consumer purchasing power, the company developed into a volume of 4.74%.” At 6.58m euros gross profits from 5.57m euros came to an increase of 18.22% the year before. At 2.40m euros EBITDA profits increased from 1.53m euros, while pre-tax profits amounted to 838.620 euros compared to 189,493 euros of the previous year, showing an increase of 342,56%. EUR 640.008 was net profits compared to EUR 189,493 in the previous year. 24% increased domestic sales, while exports grew by 45% over the previous year. For the current and previous use the company’s staff (permanent and seasonal) averaged 169 and 171 persons respectively.