Kuloglou for Novartis: “Political decision that Tsipras knew about targeting persons” – “Cynic confession” responds Marinakis

Vertically the tunas went up after admitting that it was a “political decision” to target persons in her case, which, as he argued, “certainly knew Tsipras”. Responding to what Stelios Kouloglou said about Novartis government spokesman Paul Marinakis reacted strongly, speaking of a “cynic confession” and using Stavros Kontoni’s phrase on “scotodine”. Speaking to OPEN on Friday (08.03. 24), Stelios Kouloglou argued that getting into the frame of Pikredos, Samaras and Venizelos was a political decision and even wrong. He even launched an attack on Nikos Pappas, stressing that “Pappas took what he took in his hands screwed up”. “The inside and outside “sensitive” for the rule of law drafting libel resolutions against our country, will they react to all these? ‘Or did they have… darkodine like Mr. Kontonis?’, Mr. Marinakis asked. “This morning MEP Stelios Kouloglou revealed that by “political decision” of Syriza, which Tsipras sure knew”, “they entered the frame” of Novartis “without sufficient evidence” at their expense. Confess with excess cynicism to prosecute the judicial authority on order of the then government. All of this following the statement of former Minister of Justice of the Syriza government Mr. Kontonis on “the para-Ministry of Justice” which operated in Maximus and the admission of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to… “unfortunate handling” in Novartis and television licenses. Are we wondering who took this ‘political decision’? Were there any other such “political decisions” taken? Will the ‘sensitive’ within and outside the borders for the rule of law which draft libel resolutions against our country react to all these? ‘Or have they… darkened like Mr. Kontonis?’, is Mr. Marinakis’ statement. “Early fiasco” Earlier, Stelios Kouloglou described the Novartis case as an unprecedented fiasco, while being asked, he replied: “I think the target was wrong yes. I think that the decision to get Piccram, Venizelos, Samaras into the frame without sufficient evidence, first of all, was a political decision and second was wrong.” He said that “it should not have done so without sufficient evidence, with a political decision to do so. I’m sure Tsipras knew. I think it was a wrong political decision. And the same wrong decision was a frontal attack on the channels.” Asked whether Nikos Pappas was wronged, Mr. Kouloglou replied: “No, he is not wronged. These were also on his own initiative. Pappas took what he took in his hands screwed up.”