Konstantinos Markoulakis: At my age I do not insist that any connection with the past disappear

“We live in a time of cosmogenic change” observes, among other things, .In the conservatism that he may feel over time and in the reasons why he does not think bad such a designation focused on Constantine Markoulakis in the interview he gave in the magazine OK! and journalist George Green. Do you feel more conservative as you grow up? The word “conservative” is not bad in itself. If you throw away the sympathies of the concept, we understand that being conservative is not bad. For example, we say “conservative works of art” or “maintain a tradition”. Someone wants things not to change or if they change to be slow. The so-called progressive wants change at a faster rate and also an extreme progressive looks to disperse everything there is to establish the new. Personally, I think he needs both the new and the old. Every society needs a rail, a frame to work properly and this rail is given to it by connection with the past. At my age I am not one who will insist on disappearing any connection to the past. Someone said that “the old one is destroyed and the new one is not born”. We live in a time of cosmogenic change, a lot changes for the better and together many things disappear from the old era that matter. Even on the family part. I believe in family. But the institution of the family is changing. There are single-parent families, families of the same friend and families of different sexes.