Kolonos: “Unimaginable things were heard from the accused,” says the Apostle Lytras

Her decision on the 12-year-old case was commented on by the lawyer of the mother of the minor, Apostolos Lytras, today Friday (29.03.24). Speaking to Live News, Mr. Lytras referred to the decision to acquit the mother of the minor for pornographic and peddling. “The idea was that the mother did not eject and she never took money. It was a vindication primarily of the 12-year-old, who according to the statements and the video material shown at the trial had described what was happening. It was unthinkable for a court seat not to accept the allegations,” stressed Mr. Lytras. “I had said from the beginning that the prosecutor’s proposal would not stand. In the trial, unimaginable things were heard from the defendants. They crossed the line and tried to say it was the 12 year old’s fault,” he stressed. On how the child’s mother reacted to the court’s decision, Mr. Lytras pointed out that the mother was very moved to accept the decision. “Her underage children came in and hugged her. It was very touching. The 12-year-old spoke with her mother on the phone. It will take some time for custody procedures but will take the children,” commented the minor’s mother’s lawyer.