Kolonos: On Monday the battle for penalties continues – When is the 12 year old’s mother released?

On Monday the trial for the 12-year-old’s case and vice versa is expected to continue with the prosecutor’s proposal on mitigating the defendants, and the sentences will then be announced. The 12-year-old’s mother’s lawyer, Apostolos Lytras, spoke on the TLive show noted that on Monday or at the latest Tuesday the mother is expected to leave prison and return to her family and described everything that happened in court in the announcement of the 12-year-old rape decision. “My commandant will not claim compensation, all she cares about is being found near her children” noted the Apostle Lytras and stressed that the mother will be released from prison on Monday, no later than Tuesday. He repeated that the mother denounced the rape of her child, tried to expose a “dirty” circuit and was found in prison and noted that: “Mother said it 100 times in court, that ‘as a mother I failed’”. She described how at the hearing of the decision the mother cried, ran hugged us, while in a court break two of her children entered the courtroom and embraced her. Finally, Mr. Lytras described the 12 year old who now lives with her aunt has a huge change, is doing very well in school and has expressed a desire to become a prosecutor. The court’s decision is recalled that on Friday the court found the main defendant Elias Micho guilty of rape and malpractice and acquitted the 12-year-old’s mother. The court denied the prosecutor’s proposal and majority 5 to 2 judged the 55-year-old businessman for rape, bringing him, facing life imprisonment. As regards the other offences it was decided: – Guilty of abuse of a minor who has not completed 14 years with 5 to 2. – Guilty unanimously for child pornography (he owned and distributed the material through computer systems) – Guilty for Mastropia with 4 to 3 and – Innocent for trafficking of a minor – Guilty Illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. For the mother of the minor the court unanimously ruled that she was innocent for pornography and with a majority of 4 – 3 for malpractice. He was found guilty only of misdemeanor blackmail. Mother burst into tears at the hearing of the decision. As for the third of the main accused, the so-called Michael, he was found guilty of pimping and child pornography and innocent of sexual acts with a minor. As regards the other defendants, the court found 16 defendants who had the role of a ‘customer’, by majority, for the offence of the sexual act for remuneration, which carries up to 15 years of sentence and a financial penalty. Also an accused was found guilty of child pornography. Finally six defendants were declared innocent for the offence of the sexual act accomplished or attempted.