Kolonos: In the prison of Michos and “Michalis” for the rape of 12-year-old – Free 17 convicted

In prison will remain Elias Michos and the “Michalis” for his case and the 12-year-old’s masquerade to . On the contrary, out of prison there will remain 17 convicted for the 12-year-old case by Kolonos. The court decided to grant them suspended power to appeal under restrictive conditions on a case-by-case basis a ban on leaving the country, showing up to AT and some financial guarantees. The mother of the minor is immediately released. Ilias Micho, among other things, imposed a penalty of 4,100 euros, while the pimp “Mihal” of 2,200 euros. In detail the sentences Sentence of life imprisonment and additional 27 years was imposed on Elijah Micho for the case of the 12-year-old’s pimpling and rape in Cologne. According to 55 – year – old Elijah Micho is charged with life for the rape of the child in Kolonos and additional total sentences 27 years of which he served 20 years. In the retired sailor called “Michalis”, the court imposed a total sentence of 18 years concerning pimpling and pornography. The sentence decided by the court on the child’s mother’s misdemeanor charge is 20 months and is expected to be released. For the 15 defendants who went on a date with the child: He imposed penalties beginning 13 months and reaching 7 years. The process continues for the mergers of penalties and suspensions for those accused of them. Earlier the court unanimously rejected the acclaim of extenuators to Elijah Micho, and also did not recognise an extenuating to the mother by a majority of 6-1. He unanimously rejected the recognition of extenuators also in the “Michalis”. The rest of the condemned were identified as “consistency life”.

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