Kolonos: “I was told to die my child,” says Elias Michou’s lawyer

The 12-year-old’s rape and pimpling case was told by his lawyer convicted in, Elijah Michou. The lawyer of the main accused for Kolonos and now sentenced to life, Elias Mihu, Maria Kurtesi, was hosted in T-live’s studio and spoke for the first time to Tatiana Stefanidou about the shock case that employed so much public opinion. “Two people are currently returning to prison and returning as first-degree convicts,” the well-known criminalist initially said. “I went to see the defendant at a purely human level before the decision on guilt was pronounced. Whoever he is, he’s a prisoner. We also discussed at some point, he bowed his head and asked me why I took charge of him because my husband is his age and my daughter at the age of the girl from Cologne. I told him that he did something vile, immoral, by definition illegal and criminal, and I stressed to him that I wish God would help him to be redeemed. If he was a pimp, a woman, and if you were me and published your daughter, I wouldn’t have anything to say about you. People listen to us and I get curses, insults, they tell me to die, get cancer, me, my husband, my daughter… I was physically attacked during my speech,” said Mrs. Kurtesis.

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