Kohl: Merkel destroys my Europe


    Intense criticism allegedly engaging in Angela Merkel, former chancellor, Helmut Kohl, according to the magazine Spiegel.

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    Alex talks about the latest on the TSA controversy and developments in the Texas legislature in response to a bill introduced recently that would criminalize the serial groping of TSA agents. Alex also confronts the latest news on the economy as the Federal Reserve prepares to launch a third round of quantitative easing and print more inflationary money as the economy continues its downward trajectory with record unemployment numbers and falling commodities. www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv www.infowars.net www.prisonplanet.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

    More: wwwSHTFplan.com It seems that we were on the very brink of complete melt-down in 2008. So close, in fact, that administration officials now claim the President’s policies are responsible for avoiding the very scenario that was completely denied as a possibility three years ago: “The American economy was falling off the cliff in the fall of ’08 and the first months of this administratio. And he put in place the most creative, the most forceful set of economy measure we have ever done as a country. And because of that, we’ve preented a second Great Depression and the economy has now been growing for more than a year and a half. ” -Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Meet the Press, July 10, 2011 At the same time Mr. Geithner explains to us how saddling us with trillions more in debt and expanding government intervention into every aspect of our lives has avoided depression, he warns that things are going to remain tough for the average American. His words are eerily reminiscent of Gerald Celente’s 2009 forecast: “I think it’s going to take a long time still. This is a very tough economy. And I think for a lot of people it’s going to be – it’s going to feel very hard, harder than anything they’ve experienced in their lifetime now, for some time to come. ” If you’ve haven’t guessed, it is very likely that the reason Americans are going to experience times tougher than anything they have experienced in their lifetimes is because our nation is fully engrossed in the next Great Video Rating: 3 / 5

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