KKE – Papanastasis: The government sells white phosphorus missiles with a final destination in Ukraine

White phosphorus shells with a final destination sold by the government, according to what the MP of Nikos Papanastasis said. The KKE MP stated that “at today’s meeting of the House’s Armed Programs Committee, the government of the ND, leading to the support of NATO-US-EU military operations on the Ukraine front, in the war with Russia, once again filed for approval, a new list of weapons systems and ammunition for ‘sales’, more than the unknown huge quantities already sent by the early war.” He noted that “it is a fact that the removal from the power of the Greek Armed Forces and the dispatch of these weapons and ammunition to the imperialist war in Ukraine, undoubtedly weakens the country’s defence capability.” ‘Today, the government, exceeding any limit on the country’s involvement in this imperialist war and violating any concept of compliance with international treaties and UN prohibitions, as regards the use of the banned chemical of ‘white phosphorus’ against human targets, ‘sells’ in the Czech Republic, with a final destination in Ukraine, tens of thousands of tobacco tanks containing the chemical of ‘white phosphorus’. With these options, the South West government consciously creates the conditions for the execution of heavy war crimes. The silence of the remaining parties in parliament (SYRIZA, PASOK, El. Lysis, New Left, Spartans, Victory and Freedom Release) in this ongoing crime is complicity,” added N. Papanastasis and concluded his statement: “Things are now very serious and dangerous and cannot for any reason evolve behind the backs of the Greek people. The Communist Party strongly condemns the criminal downhills taken by the government, serving the most ‘dirty’ operational plans of NATO, the US and the EU, even disproving the pretext of alleged ‘international legality’, as it does today, by sending white phosphorus missiles to the Ukrainian front. It condemns the mission of military personnel and units, warships of the Greek Armed Forces outside the border and their participation in supporting operations of these bloody imperialist interventions. Finally, it condemns the creation of more and more intense targeting of our people in retaliation. The Communist Party commits itself to informing the people, revealing the consequences and implications of these crimes, to fight to overthrow the conditions that give birth to them.”