King Charles regrets how he raised William and Harry.

He allegedly regrets the way he raised Prince William and . “Prince Harry and King Charles were very, very close,” said the royal expert and biographer, Ingrid Seward, on “Fox News Digital”. “They were doing incredibly well. I think Charles probably regrets not being strict with Harry and him. ” The author of the book “My mother and I” claimed that Charles’ late ex-wife, Princess Diana, followed a “free style of upbringing”, with which he agreed until her early death in 1997. “Diana allowed them to do, more or less, what they wanted, which was very fashionable at the time,” Seward said. “I think Charles probably regrets not being a little more severe. All children need limits and I don’t think they had much,” he continued. Harry and Charles remain somewhat distant after the departure of Prince and his wife, Megan Markle, from senior members of the royal family in 2020. Harry flew to London to visit his father in February when Charles announced his cancer diagnosis and those who believed it was a good opportunity to come to a reunion of the two brothers were denied. “Look, I love my family,” Harry then told the show “Good Morning America”. “I am grateful that I was able to go see him and spend time with him”. When asked whether his father’s diagnosis could have a positive effect on reconnection with his family, Harry said he “is sure.” However, when asked about King Charles’ health, Harry did not want to answer simply saying that this information “stays between me and him”. Charles and William remain close, but the Prince of Wales did not accompany his father to Mass for Easter Sunday (31.03.2024), as he wants not to be missed minute by his wife’s side, Kate Middleton who undergoes preventive chemo after the diagnosis that he has cancer, without revealing where. King Charles and his wife, Queen Camila, spent the holiday with the disgraced former King Andrew, his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Anna and her husband Sir Timothy Lawrence, as well as Prince Edward and his wife, Sophia, Countess of Wessex. Information From