Kinetta: 48-year-old gang member “vacated” houses of jewelry and cash

She had a preference for jewelry and cash a 48-year-old who acted in her area. Thursday morning (07.03.2024), the accused burglar, along with accomplices sought, moving by car in the area of Kinetta, broke into a house removing gold. During their escape from the house police officers, who were patrolling, saw the incident and with assistance of police officers of Group DI. AS. immobilized the 48-year-old, and led him to the headquarters of the Megaro Security Department As emerged from the investigation, the 48-year-old along with other accomplices, at least from January 2024, were organized for the purpose of committing robberies and thefts from homes in the area of Kinetta. In particular, in terms of their mode of action, the perpetrators mainly morning and evening hours, chose cottages that during the winter months did not reside and managed using burglary tools to gain access to their interior. They then removed jewelry, money, and other items. In one case they were perceived by the owner of the residence they did not hesitate to use violence or threats in order to ensure their escape. Since the present pre-interrogation research 5 thefts from homes in Kineta have been solved, and 2 thefts from houses in Saints Theodorus and Mandra. It is noted that at the expense of the 48-year-old an arrest warrant was pending for participation in a criminal organization that was blackmailing people at the Megara. The arrester was taken to the competent prosecutor while the investigation into the extent of criminal activity continues.

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