KIDS & CARS in Glyfada: Children take the wheel, have fun and teach

A unique in tenderness, but also passionate event, Kids & Cars will take place in the leading children-drivers. This is a “non-competitive” demonstration of skills for children from 5 to 9 years old with electric cars that will be available to them. The event is organized by the Municipality of Glyfada, which has the largest Park of Traffic Education in Greece along with Nikos Mastorakis, who has been, historically, the organizer (with the newspaper “Evening”) of the first Baby Rally in our country, then chaired by Alice Vougiouklaki! So, behind the ruffle of an electric motor, in a specially designed (and harmless!) skill that will have adventure, but much laughter and joy will be found dozens of small (at age) drivers! At the… dizzying speed of 2 km per hour!) children who will be at the wheel will experience the fun adventure in 4 minutes making slalom between colorful tires in parking with the reverse in transparent tunnels, while leading over invisible (but not real) “holes” to asphalt and enjoying the spectacular ramp-trabala. The organizers expect many entries, but Kids & Cars youth will be selected by draw, while a total of 20 will be selected by the event, based on their performance, as judged by the videos submitted along with the participation form, parents. While the sight of children and cars is unique, the event will not be open to viewers, because the Park does not have proper space and so the young “Ferstapen” will only be applauded by their… parents. Of course, the spectacle will be able to be enjoyed by everyone else, almost… live through the SMEs that will cover this original event and also Social Media. Mayor Glyfadas George Papanikolaou stated: “Two exciting elements of the future, children and electric drive, meet at a wonderful event we host in our Park with great joy. True, children, from a very early age, manifest their love for the car. It is also true that in Glyfada this love… we train it, since over 2,000 children each month come and learn practically and safely to drive. We hope that this helps new generations of future drivers to observe rules while enjoying the car — and when they later get on the road.” Nikos Mastorakis, initiator and organizer of Kids & Cars says: “Two strong, my unique loves, children and cars, combined recreationally and pedagogically at the Kids & Cars of 2024 that I hope to be established annually. While seemingly children learn from us, we actually have a lot to learn from our children when they drive and even when they behave better than us behind the wheel. The familiarization of children with electric drive is another leading incentive to create the event, because I believe that when these children get the first official driver’s license, fuel engines will only be found in antiques! It is a pleasure that PPC Blue is present at the event, educating children on issues surrounding electric motion. It is also fortunate to host us, participating in the event, the municipality of Glyfada and its wonderful Park.” Participations for Kids & Cars will be completed on April 27 and parents can request regulation and participation forms, and social media