Katya Tarabpanko: The Sea Wolfs came after GNTM and Survivor

“I’ve been after it for years to become an actor”, confesses . “It was my start for people to learn me”, she revealed herself on the camera of the show presented by Eleni Menegaki. From a winner of the GNTM, on the Survivor battle track and today an actress on the stage of Megaron Music, Katya Tarapanko spoke to the camera of “Helen” about her life and career. “GNTM was my starting point for people to teach me. Modeling I did from 15 years old. The “Sea wolves” came after my participation in GNTM and Survivor. I attend acting seminars, I feel like a little actress. Everything else I’ve done has been a long way off. I have not heard bad comments from actors, instead I am told congratulations and I feel their truth.” As she says: “An example of acting for me is Charlise Theron who was deformed to play a role.” For her personal life: “There are women who focus only on work. I always wanted a family, the job came up. I believe I work so much to prove that I may carry a foreign adjective but I did it.” “In Greece I came 6 years old. I have a terrible relationship with my mother. I admire her because she’s a worker and she’s not jealous. In the field of modeling I have seen mothers compete with their daughters,” Katia Tarapanko complements.