Katerina Papoutsaki: I’m not fat, I was too hard to play Alice Vougiouklaki.

The difficulties she went through the review she accepted during the time she was playing in the series for her life she remembered, speaking on the MEGA show Good morning. Katerina Papoutsaki performed the role of Alice Vougiouklaki in the series “I have a secret” and a storm of reactions was then caused. “They questioned me a lot. Until that moment I was living in a protected environment. Everyone talked nice about me. Then there was a lot of criticism I was getting. I’m not fat, I’m hard on it,” said the actress. “I’m a man who has enough difficulty in negativity. If what happened now, I wouldn’t put things in me. I don’t know how you can manage not to be affected by such harsh behavior, it’s painful,” fill in. Katerina Papoutsaki describes herself as stupid and very loving and understanding. “I’m a very mom. It’s a big challenge to raise a child, you grow up through it. With the role of parent you become wiser, you learn and this relationship overcomes all emotions,” he said. “I never faced recognition as something foreign, I grew up in it. In general I’m very in my world, very abstract, I don’t see around me, I’m very “worldly”. The media may have been “behaving hard on me since I became a mother,” he said. Katerina Papoutsaki revealed that there are days when she feels beautiful and other days she feels terrible. As for her relationship with time, she said she has a very good relationship with him so far. “There are television proposals. I feel very lucky, I never had to look for a job,” he said. At the same time, she also referred to her relationship with the song. “From very young I wanted to deal with acting and music. I have a close relationship with the song. My parents and I sang on our trips. I stopped singing when my parents got divorced,” he said. Katerina Papoutsaki continues her musical performances until 22 March.

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