Kate Middleton: “Megan would never make this mistake” – Sources Harry for Photogate

Harry and he would have been “disappeared” by the media if they had shared photos using photoshops, such as , report sources from the Sussex environment. “Megan would never make this mistake” said sources located near Harry and Megan Markle on the occasion of Kate Middleton’s processed photo with her children. This was the first comment of Prince of Wales’ younger brother Harry and Megan’s wife about the editing in the photograph of Princess of Wales, according to a report on the website The exiled princes would have “disappeared” if they had secretly shared photographs using photoshops of themselves and their family, reported sources in the same report. This claim comes after Kate Middleton released a photo of her of all three children for Mother’s World Day, the first after the surgery she was subjected to in the abdomen with herself recovering at Kensington Palace. They had interceded two months since Kate Middleton “disappeared” from public appearances to recover after surgery and eventually proved that the photo had been processed. The world’s leading news cameras, including Reuters and Associated Press, warned about their use, telling customers, including newspapers and television stations around the world, to withdraw the photo. But Kate admitted yesterday Monday 11.03.2024 that she was responsible for her children as she likes to experiment with technology.

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