Kate Middleton: He was forced to reveal that he has cancer after threatening to leak the news.

She was forced to publicly reveal that she suffers from and undergoes preventive chemotherapy. The shocking revelation made by Wales princess Kate Middleton herself that she is suffering from cancer reportedly became hasty to prevent the news leak to the press, according to . Kate Middleton confirmed that she has cancer and is undergoing “preventive chemotherapy” in a message released on March 22, 2024. However, according to a well-informed source invoked by MailOnline, the time she decided to do so is not related to a personal decision but was preceded by blackmail to the Princess of Wales. In particular, it seems that someone knew about her state of health, resulting in Kate Middleton having no choice but to rush into making the revelation. According to the same report, Kensington’s palace had become the recipient of messages for the diagnosis of Kate Middleton so that it did not leave much room for the Princess of Wales from publicizing her condition. The report does not however mention whether the information has been leaked by London Clinic, in which Kate was located or from somewhere else. “Whatever the reason, the universal approval that Kate received confirmed was the right decision,” the source said. After weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories about the princess of Wales and the state of health, Kate Middleton openly spoke about her battle with cancer, revealing that she is undergoing chemo. 42-year-old Kate Middleton did not hesitate to talk about the huge shock after her cancer diagnosis and the incredibly difficult months her family experienced. The form of cancer he suffers from has not yet been revealed with Kate. Middleton having positive thoughts about her recovery and being in a good mood, describing how she is well and stronger every day. Prince William and Kate focused from the first moment on their three children, spending time talking to them in the right way about her health condition. King Charles, also diagnosed with cancer in February, is said to be proud of his beloved bride and her courage to speak openly about her treatment and remained in close contact with her in recent weeks. He took a break from his public duties as he continues to undergo his treatment, still performing official duties from the palace. Queen Camilla said last weekend that the Princess of Wales is excited by public support when she met two sisters who were holding messages “send our love to Kate”. Prince William is expected to return to his public duties after his children return to school after Easter holidays.