Kate Middleton: Global thrill for fighting cancer – He will not participate in Easter Mass in Windsor

Or she will not participate with the rest of the British royal family in the traditional Easter Mass at Windsor due to her diagnosis with, but stresses that she is looking forward to the day she returns to her duties. 42-year-old Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, proceeded to this decision after the video with which she announced she was diagnosed with cancer and that chemotherapy has begun. According to “Daily Mail”, the Princess of Wales is determined to continue her life properly, as she considers that this will play an important role in her rehabilitation. So far, however, there is no timetable for her return to her duties. What we know about the diagnosis As expected, Kate Middleton’s confession through a video message that she was diagnosed with cancer has stirred up a ferocious wave of sympathy. The Guardian has gathered everything we know so far about Kate Middleton’s diagnosis. The princess of Wales is one of hundreds of thousands of British diagnosed with cancer every year. Here are what has been known so far about Kate Middleton’s condition: What kind of cancer is he diagnosed with? 42-year-old Kate has been diagnosed with an undetermined form of cancer. In a personal message issued on Friday night, the princess reported that when she was undergoing abdominal surgery in January, “it was considered that my condition was not cancerous”. The surgery, which took place at the London Clinic, was successful. After 13 days at the hospital, the princess was discharged on 29 January. “However, the tests after the surgery found that there was cancer,” she said on Friday. Kensington Palace said it would not share further medical information about the form or stage of cancer discovered. What kind of tests were performed? Details of the type of tests have not been revealed, but diagnostic tests for cancer may include blood tests, scans, and biopsies. The biopsy is a medical procedure that involves taking a small sample to be tested in the microscope to determine whether there are pathological cells. Catherine stated that “the tests after the surgery found that there was cancer”. What’s up? In her personal message, the princess reported that her medical team recommended that she undergo preventive chemotherapy. We don’t know exactly, but we know the princess was undergoing surgery in January. The palace did not reveal details then, but stated that the surgery was scheduled and that its condition “is not related to cancer”. He started preventive chemotherapy in late February. chemotherapy is a treatment in which drugs are used to kill cancer cells. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs, but they all work in a similar way. They stop the reproduction of cancer cells, which prevents them from growing and spreading to the body. Kate Middleton said she was “in the early stages” of treatment. When did he start the treatment? Guardian knows Catherine started a preventive chemotherapy in late February. When will the treatment be completed? It is still at an early stage and the decision on when it could be completed will depend on doctors. How does he feel? She said that the last two months were “unbelievably difficult” for her and her family, but she is moody and focused on recovery. “I am well and am stronger every day focusing on things that will help me heal – in my mind, body and spirit”. The princess added that she is anxious to return to work, but for now “she must focus on full recovery”. Both King Charles and Kate Middleton were diagnosed with cancer after being treated for something else? Yeah. Buckingham Palace stated that during the king’s process of a benign swelling of the prostate, a “special concern” was found. Further diagnostic tests identified a “form of cancer”, the palace reported. Kate Middleton found that she had cancer only after undergoing abdominal surgery in January. Kensington Palace has not revealed why it had to undergo surgery in the first place. The shocking confession about cancer visibly distressed but smiling appeared Kate Middleton on the screens of the British and the whole world in order to share with them after weeks of rumors and scenarios that she suffers from cancer and undergoes chemotherapy. In a moving video Wales’ 42-year-old princess, Kate Middleton, the second member of the Royal family, after King Charles, fighting cancer, spoke honestly about everything she and her family are going through. “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the wonderful support messages and for your understanding while I recover from surgery. It was two incredibly difficult months for our entire family, but I had an excellent medical team that took great care of me, for which I am so grateful. In January I had major abdominal surgery, London, and at that time it was considered that my condition was not related to cancer. Surgery was successful. However, post-op tests revealed that there was cancer. My medical team therefore informed me that I should undergo a preventive chemotherapy programme and now I am in the early stages of this treatment. This naturally caused enormous shock and William and I are doing everything we can to process it and manage it privately for the sake of our family. As you can imagine, it took time. It took me time to recover from a serious surgery to start my treatment. But, more importantly, it took us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte, and Louis in a way that is suitable for them, and to reassure them that I will be okay. As I have told them, I am well and am getting stronger every day focusing on things that will help me heal, in my mind, body and spirit. A message from Catherine, The Princess of Wales — The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) Having William next to me is also a great source of comfort and certainty. Like the love, support, and kindness so many of you have shown. It means a lot to both of them. We hope you will understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space and privacy while I finish my treatment. My work always brought me a deep sense of joy and I look forward to coming back when I can, but for now I have to focus on full restoration… Right now, I’m also thinking about all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. For all who face this disease, in any form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone.”