Kate Middleton: Because he is the most beloved member of the royal family

The love people have for both in the UK and around the world is unquestionable, especially after the publication that it has recently become the most beloved member of the royal family in Britain. The explosion of love and the multitude of messages that Kate Middleton received from all over the world in the light of her diagnosis with cancer is a major proof. Now the royal expert Jennie Bond reveals the secret of the princess’ success and how she managed to become so dear. She initially stressed that the princess’s narrow circle, which extends beyond her immediate family, has played a decisive role in dealing with the challenges of life. At the same time she pointed out the support Kate received from her family during her recovery and especially from Carol’s mother and her sister Pippa Middleton. “Carol and Pippa were on hand during Kate’s recovery, I’m sure Carole must have been very worried about her daughter”. However, the royal editor did not just stay in the princess’ close relationship with her family, as she considers that the long-term friendships of the princess of Wales also played an important role before becoming a blue-blooded woman. “Sometimes, your oldest friends – who have stayed with you so long – are the ticket. These friends fully understand Kate’s position and support her wherever she needs to,” she said. In addition, Jennie Bond acknowledged the importance of Kate’s integration into her husband’s social circle. She noted that she has created strong friendships with friends of Prince William, which strengthened her social profile. In short Jennie Bond sheds light on the various levels of support that contributed to Kate’s success as a royal figure. From the close relationship with her family to her long-standing friendships and her integration into Prince William’s social circle, Kate is surrounded by a strong support system that contributed to becoming the most beloved member of the royal family. These relations have undoubtedly played an important role in helping her thrive on her royal journey. Source: