Kasselakis: “The biggest lie that Karamanlis had no evidence of Tembis – I have spoken to relatives of victims”

In the indictment against him for the Tempes, he is expected to announce tomorrow, Tuesday (02.04. 24) SYRIZA, referred to his new television statements. The camera of the show “Morning” with George Liaga met on Monday morning (01.04.24) Stefanos Kasselakis, who has an oath permit. “The biggest lie is that of Mr Karamanlis that he had no evidence of the Tembis,” said the president of Syriza, when they wished him a good month and a good April. “We announced this morning that we would file an indictment against Costas Karamanlis to see what Kyriakos Mitsotakis is going to cover him,” he said. Kasselakis said that there are signs of two crimes in connection with the tragedy of Tembes, the report and the disruption of the safety of fixed transport. “It is time to put the detail into the crimes that have been committed in Tembis,” he said and stressed that he has talked to the parents of some of the victims. “At last, a politician should take responsibility,” stressed Mr. Kasselakis. “We are not in dictatorship, but now the quality of our Republic has been affected and that is why Mr Mitsotakis has to answer,” he replied in the meantime, asking about elections with international observers. At the beginning of his statements, the president of SYRIZA thanked George Liaga for the nesser donated to him by the show, the day her journalists met him in Thebes, during his inauguration. “I used everything from the burner except the bug cream. We were all diligent about variations, not wearing them on blankets.”