Karanikas v. Acrita for Mareva Grabovski: Women’s misogynism and political diversion of ‘influencerism’

Civil strife broke out in , on the occasion of her charges for Mareva Mitsotaki – Grabovsky Nikos Karanikas, on his post, attacks Helena Akritita, who earlier stated about what the MP of Syriza has written. In his post Mr. Karanikas accuses Helena Acritta of misogynism by saying that he is worse than the chauvinism of the male balder expressing his misogynism. As he says, this “does not fade with any or any seat”. He also blames Helena Acrita for “political dinitence of influenserism”. In detail the post “Function. Political position A woman’s Misogynism is a worse phenomenon than the chauvinism of the male baldman who expresses his misogynism and does not fade with any and no seat, either academic or parliamentary. No territory, no collectiveness and property gave rise to misogynism as well as racism. We got mixed up in the spectacle and we’ll be eaten by the political dinihilation of influencerism. It’s one thing Parliamentary and academic quality and another thing citizen. However, Misogynism is not political, and so much is not left. Solidarity. We got involved with the apolitico, not the metapolitan. The political criterion is unfortunately not inherited but easily crossed.”