Kallithea: Machine passes through the cellar before explosion – New video with images of destruction

In the microscope of police authorities has entered a bike that passes a few minutes before the explosion in front of the liquor store where it was placed today (11/3/2024) at dawn or from which serious disasters occurred. Police authorities’ investigations are ongoing with the Athens Security blackmail department trying to gather the pieces of the puzzle that will lead them to the traces of the perpetrators who placed the bomb in the cellar in Kallithea. A security camera video on the street where the liquor store is located, has immortalized a two-wheel drive passing through the store a few minutes before the strong explosion occurred. The bike, on which two persons ride, initially moves at steady speed and then the driver steps on the brake. This bicycle is expected to be checked by police authorities in order to determine whether it is involved in the bombing that resulted in the cellar being leveled and damage to 8 cars and apartment apartments on Alexander Pandou Street. “Kraniou place” the neighborhood on Pantos Street In another video, a few hours after the powerful bomb, the magnitude of the disaster is reflected. Cars have become wrecks, the glass facades of the shops have become debris, while the whole road is full of debris from the most powerful shock wave. It is worth noting that from the explosion there was a crater of 40 cm, while the apartment windows broke down to the 5th floor.