Kallithea: Bombed landscape the neighborhood of the liquor store – By miracle we did not mourn victims

The inhabitants of a neighborhood were longed for as morning strangers placed a bomb in a liquor store, while miraculously we did not mourn victims. However, the material damage caused by the bomb explosion at Kallithea’s liquor store is enormous throughout the neighborhood. According to newssit.gr the owner of the liquor store maintained a well-known club in the area of Kallithea, which had been bombed 14 years ago. The investigation is now under investigation by the Anti-Secretary of Defense. The chronicle Monday morning (1.1,2024) residents woke up from a deafening noise and found that their neighborhood had become a skull site. The police investigation showed that strangers passed by and left outside a liquor store in the mascari area with dynamite and a late fuse. A powerful explosion ensued that caused extensive damage to Lagoomis Street. At least eight cars were destroyed, facades from neighbouring apartment buildings and apartment windows. In fact, the explosion was so severe as one of the cars was thrown into the opposite stream and found itself in the middle of the road, while a balcony adjacent apartment buildings almost fell. “We heard glass breaking” Resident of the area described that several years ago someone had bombed the night centre that the owner of the area was maintaining, while the same resident revealed that they broke all the windows of nearby apartment buildings up to the fifth floor. Another resident of the area described the explosion noise as so powerful that they were thrown out of their beds. She noted that the windows were broken from all the windows facing the road, while the entrance to the apartment building is only the skeleton of the door. It is noted that one of the cars completely destroyed is hers.