Joker draw 2735: The lucky numbers today

CLOSURE TUESDAY 02/04/2024 CLOSURE NUMBER 2734. Joker draw today Tuesday 02/04/2024 and the money was… a lot! In the Joker OPAP draw, today Tuesday 02-04-2024 ( draw number 2735), the lucky numbers were 31, 7, 27, 21, 13 and joker 3. Online participation in JOCKER is done through computer, mobile phone or tablet. In the fun experience is upgraded and offers everyone something unique! The favorite numbers games of OPAP ( , JOCKER, Lotto, PROTO, SUPER3) are online, wherever you are. Now, you enjoy the new online destination from OPAP either from your computer or from . You submit an online bulletin for all OPAP numbers games (Kino, JOKER, , PROTO, SUPER3), you are informed in real time about the unique offers and claim for even more fun play. Download the Opaponline A pp app or enter opaponline . gr and the game begins! 18+ on the ground, 21+ digital