John Benner: Ted Cruz is the “incarnation of Lucifer”

O so uptight candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party Ted Cruz received heavy fire from a strain of…
own camp, former president of the House of Representatives, John Benner, who did not hesitate to εξυβρίσει in public.
“I have friends, Democratic friends and Republican. I get on well with almost all over the world, but I’ve never worked with the worst son of a bitch I’ve ever met in my life,” said the Republican politician, who left his position in the autumn, according to the newspaper Stanford Daily.
Ted Cruz is the “incarnation of Lucifer,” said last night, speaking at a conference at Stanford university in California.
“I’ve never worked with John Benner. In fact, I don’t know this man,” replied the candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party today, adding that he has met with the random two or three times in the Senate, and have exchanged only “polite formalities”.
John Benner is known for his sharp candor. Still, however, and if in Washington, the political world has been pretty much used to it, at times, his statements, these comments caused a sensation.
“When John Benner calls me Lucifer, not addressed to me but to you,” said Ted Cruz, referring to his supporters in the primary.
“What angers me the Benner is the fact that I’m standing on the side of the american people, I energise, and encourage the conservatives in the House to come on the side of the american people,” he added.
Source: ana – MPA