John Antetokounbo for Tristan Vuksevic: “He told me he is Greek and thinks to join the National”

Tristan Vuksevic impressed with his performance in Washington Wizards – Milwaukee Bucks (117–113) and forced him to report to his face, stressing that the player can compete in . Tristan Vuksevic set a career record in the Wizards win over the Bucks, achieving 14 points, even having 7 points in 54 seconds. Giannis Antetokounbo spoke in the best words about the 21-year-old Serb, who has a Greek passport. “He came and told me he was Greek. I was kind of surprised he spoke Greek to me. I spoke to Thanasis and he told me that he had played in Greece for a few years. He told me he was thinking about joining the National Team. It would be a very good addition to us. He played hard tonight. He’s a player who can shoot three points. He had a lot of experience, I think he played a little in Greece and then Partizan. A player who can certainly help the Wizards and certainly help the National” was Antetokounbo’s words about Vuksevic. The rock with an early 7 points in the first quarter. — Washington Wizards (@WashWizards) Antetokounbo’s words about Vuksevic in 3:47 of the video that follows The 21-year-old, 2.13m. center has a Greek passport, along with the Serbian from his father, and also holds Swedish from his mother’s side. In fact, it is up to him to choose the national team he can compete with. To mention that by dawn on Wednesday (03.04.2024), Tristan Vukcevic counted five entries and nine points in 32 minutes with the Wizards jersey.

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