Jerome Kaluta answers about racist comments

‘ Are you not right that they did not say what this Chinese wants and that we had others?” commented . Jerome Kaluta spoke to Super Katerina camera and Menia Koukou about the negative comments that existed when it was announced that he would be the commentator of this year’s Eurovision along with Thanasis flour. “I am very happy. There’s stress, but it’s creative and we’ll do our best. With Thanasis, we know each other from the good and the reverse. We are in the process where we look forward to listening to the song, seeing Marina and telling her in person congratulations and then starting work the way we should” Jerome Kaluta originally said. “Don’t you say well that they didn’t say what this Chinese wants and that we had more? If you don’t have haters, it means something’s wrong. Every review welcomed to do what we were called upon to do” continued Jerome Kaluta for the unacceptable comments.